Apple News Enterprise Stories

Apple News has been a great platform for new readers but with any distributed partner we are limited in how we present our most compelling stories.

In early discussions with Apple I pushed the News leadership team to build upon the reputation of Apple’s excellence in design. I wanted us to be able to bring our level of visual storytelling design to the platform to differentiate from say Facebook Instant Articles.

A video of the experience can be seen below.

This launched a multi-month collaboration to bring custom article presentation to Apple News natively. One of our first stories was an investigative piece on Tampa, Fla. The web version of the story can be read here.

The Apple News story can be read here in Apple News.

Our Enterprise team in collaboration with The Washington Post’s News Design and Product teams created a reusable and compelling experience we have used multiple times to highlight our best journalism on Apple News.

Project Rainbow

The Washington Post Fire Tablet App highlighting what we called Pinch View to quickly browser stories.

The first product my colleagues and I developed with Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos in 2013.

The goal of the experience was to reduce cognitive overhead. The reader isn’t presented with a traditional list of headlines but instead is placed right at the first top story to begin browsing.

The Washington Post National Tablet Edition

Download for Fire Tablet

Download for iOS

Project Refresh: Redesign

The current Washington Post Homepage following multiple iterations from the initial launch of the Refresh project in 2015.

The Refresh project started as a subtle facelift of The Washington Post’s website in 2014. It all started with article pages for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. As a product design team we were frustrated that something as simple as Olympics pages with the same information everyone else has was so hard to create.

Washington Post Olympics Section Front 2014
Washington Post Olympics Section Front 2014.

Working on collaboration with our engineering team, specifically Greg Franczyk who no longer works at The Post, we tested a new tool he was developing called PageBuilder. This was the very first tool that now serves as a cornerstone of our software as a service business, Arc.

Washington Post Olympics Article Page v1
Washington Post Olympics Article Page v1
Sochi Olympics 2014 Article Page Today
Sochi Olympics 2014 Article Page Today.

Washington Post Press Release announcing the Refresh from June 2014 can be read here.

The original Refresh article page in our current template can be found here for comparison.

Washington Post Augmented Reality Stories

The Washington Post AR experience on iPhone. (Credit: The Washington Post)

We were one of the first news publishers to regularly release augmented reality stories at scale through our native iOS app. There is a dedicated section for augmented reality as well.

I oversaw the initial development and strategy of our AR stories working in collaboration with our native app engineering team and the newsroom including our Director of Strategic Initiatives, Jeremy Gilbert.

We recently leveraged the new iOS 12 capabilities to bring an AR experience to mobile Safari as well. The experience, which used Apple’s AR Quicklook technology, focused on a mysterious dinosaur skull on display at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. Press release can be found here.

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