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ISOJ 2017 – Conversational journalism – Bots and AI – Joey Marburger

Fast Company names Shailesh Prakash, Joey Marburger as 2017 Most Creative People

(Credit: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

As the architects of The Washington Post’s recent, business-reviving digital strategy, Shailesh Prakash and Joey Marburger are proving that “newspaper innovation” can be a reality rather than an oxymoron.

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Revolution at The Washington Post

(Credit: Greg Kahn/Columbia Journalism Review)

The pair Bezos has chosen to pull off all of this could not be more of an odd work couple. Shailesh Prakash, the Post’s chief information officer, is an old-school technologist, with stints at Microsoft and Netscape, and no experience in media before joining the Post five years ago. He is as corporate (khakis and button-down shirt) and conventional, at least in appearance, as his technology partner at the Post is not.

— “Revolution at The Washington Post,” by Kyle Pope, CJR

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Joey Marburger is The Washington Post’s (punk) rock star

When Joey Marburger was in high school, he played bass guitar in a punk band. One day, the band was on the way to an out-of-state gig when the van broke down. Marburger knew a little about auto repairs, so it was he who saved the day, getting the parts from AutoZone to get the van going again. “That taught me that a lot about life is that, you still have to perform,” he recalls.

— “Joey Marburger is The Washington Post’s (punk) rock star,” by Lucia Moses, Digiday

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Joey Marburger named a Digiday Changemaker: Media

(Credit: Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post, via Digiday)

Washington Post Director of Product Joey Marburger was named a Digiday Changemaker for being “in the trenches of innovation every day.” This issue of Digiday Magazine includes profiles of 50 men and women making change happen in media and marketing.

— Digiday Changemakers: Media

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The Washington Post on Muse

“The Product Team is the glue between core engineering and the rest of the company, and Joey leads them all, creating ingenious products that connect The Post’s world-class journalism with readers worldwide.” Learn more here.

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