Welcome to my completely revamped site. It’s powered by the latest version of WordPress v5 featuring the all new editor Gutenberg. So far it’s pretty amazing and super intuitive. Looking forward to trying my hand at some Gutenberg compatible plugins. More to come!

Apple News Enterprise Stories

“Tampa Bay’s coming storm” on Apple News. Apple News has been a great platform for new readers but with any distributed partner we are limited in how we present our most compelling stories. In early discussions with Apple I pushed the News leadership team to build upon the reputation of Apple’s excellence in design. I […]

Project Rainbow

The Washington Post Fire Tablet App highlighting what we called Pinch View to quickly browser stories. The first product my colleagues and I developed with Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos in 2013. The goal of the experience was to reduce cognitive overhead. The reader isn’t presented with a traditional list of headlines but instead is […]